Cessna 182, N2379R, Crashed on February 21, 1973, 12 miles east of Quartzsite, AZ

On February 21, 1973, the 28 year old pilot departed Aguila, AZ after he was cleared for a VFR flight to Palm Springs, CA . Near Quartzsite, he encountrered overcast skies with clouds and rain. At 8:05 am, the plane flew into the top of a cloud-shrouded mountain peak about 12 miles east of Quartzsite.

Hiking to the crash- the plane hit 10 feet below the top of the center peak. A chair frame. Aluminum aircraft skin. Aircraft wreckage.


Section of the wing. Access panel. Fuselage section directly behind the cabin. The aircraft's registration number.


Cabin debris. Rudder pedal. The pilot's side door. The inside.


Nearing the top- the Cessna's landing gear strut can be seen at the top of the peak, Instrument console. Fire extinguisher mount. Document case.


More Debris. One of the wings The impact point at the top of the peak. Mike taking photos.


Standing next to the fuselage. Cigarette ash tray. Directional Indicator Front of the instrument.

Back of the instrument Plexiglas and another ash tray. Fuselage section Another wing section.