F-14A #161289, crashed on 28 February 1983, 40 miles east of Yuma

Summary: This F-14's home base was aboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk. While practicing air combat maneuvers, the F-14 Tomcat fell into an uncontrollable flat spin. The two crewmen elected safely and the plane impacted and burned on the desert floor.

Standing on the right wing. The wings, tail and nose are relatively intact, but the rest of the plane burned. A panel from one of the engines indicating the aircraft's make and serial number. The tail section and paint are in remarkably good shape. The F-14 was assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk


The canopy is within 50 feet of the aircraft. Both names of the pilot and RIO are stenciled on the side. Standing on the midsection. The nose and canopy are in the foreground. The cockpit and nose sections. One of the smashed and burned turbines.